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I don’t believe that the devil’s biggest arrow is people full of passion for evil. Rather, it is compromise and indifference. It is people who refuse to stand up to the evil forces around them. It is people who don’t say or do anything because they don’t think that what they have to say or what they could do would make a difference.


Urgent text from Open Doors:
“Christians in Northern Iraq are calling for urgent prayer backing as they’re in great danger-serious threat of beheading of all Christians in a few hours. Please forward this request to your praying friends on behalf of our brothers & sisters in Christ.”

Can I get a signal boost? This one’s important.


Tumblr just recommended a blog to me and the first two things they listed were Palestine and feminism. Tumblr:



team “i wore this yesterday but i’m going to a different place so it doesn’t matter”

"This is why I have called feminism ‘nihilism.’ It says that being a woman is nothing definite and that the duty of women is to advance that nothingness as a cause."
-Harvey Mansfield (1932-) Professor of Government at Harvard University and Conservative Author. (via philosophicalconservatism)